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Products Knowledge

Products Knowledge

Products Knowledge


1. Maintenance instructions

Each enamel pot has small sand particles and pits on the body, lid and edge of the pot. Some buyers mistake it for damage or defects during transportation. In fact, it is not. Each cast iron pot has its own independent sand mold, which is individually manufactured by hand. It must be shaken to break the sand mold before it can be taken out. Each sand mold will have subtle differences and will not be the same. During the enamel spraying process, the pot is in the upside-down state, so as to ensure the bright and smooth bottom of the pot, and the edge of the pot will be unevenly painted and baked, which does not affect the use of the pot.

2. Maintenance skills

1. Avoid sudden cold and hot pots, prevent the enamel layer from falling off;

2. After using a low fire "pre-cooking", please slowly increase the temperature of the stove and keep it at a medium and low fire for cooking, please do not use the high temperature pot directly

Rinse in cold water or put in the refrigerator. The correct way is to let it cool naturally, so as not to cause the enamel porcelain layer to fall off.

3. How to prevent pots from rusting

If it is not dried in time after use, it may cause fine rust spots on cast iron pots and utensils. This is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended that you wipe the rust spots 2-3 times with a little cooking oil, and the rust spots can be eliminated. In order to prevent rust, it is recommended that you operate as follows:

1. Before cooking for the first time, apply cooking oil to the inner wall of the pot and the edge of the pot 2-3 times, and dry it before use.

2. After cleaning and drying the pot, it is recommended that you coat the inner wall and edge of the pot with cooking oil to prevent rust and maintain the pot.

4. How to clean and store pots and pans

After using the pot, there may be a slight peculiar smell in the pot, which is a normal phenomenon after using the enamel cast iron pot. It is recommended that after cleaning and drying the pot, open the lid and store it separately from the pot body. Store it in a dry environment. The smell will naturally dissipate.

5. Matters needing attention

1. "Pre-cooking" on a small fire before cooking

Except for soups, please "pre-cook" the pot on a low fire for 2-3 minutes before each cooking, so that the enamel cast iron pot can achieve the desired cooking effect.

2. Please be careful of hot pots

enamel pots are cast iron pots in one piece. Please use anti-scalding gloves when cooking to avoid burning your hands. Please keep the pots out of the reach of children to prevent your bare hands from being burned.

3. Please handle with care when using

When using the pot, it is recommended to place it in a stable place to prevent the pot from falling or being hit by a hard object, causing the enamel layer to fall off or the pot to be damaged.

4. It is prohibited to use sharp metal spatulas to prevent scratches on the enamel surface. It is recommended to use wooden spatula or soft silicone spatula.

5. It is forbidden to clean the inside of enamel pots with steel balls to prevent scratches on the enamel surface. It is recommended to use a cleaning cloth dipped in an appropriate amount of detergent to clean, but each time it must be cleaned and dried in time to ensure that the pot keeps beautiful and beautiful for a long time.

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